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I asked for help in the plumbing department. today. Dan said he didn't work in that department and talked back to me with insolence and walked away. I later saw him restocking in that department. He needs a reprimand at the least and to be fired at the extreme. As a person, I command respect. As a customer since the store opened, spending literally thousands, I must be treated as any good... Read more

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If I was you I would think about ordering it from a different store... Ordered some indoor/outdoor carpeting on 6/13 at Menards in Johnson Creek, WI Went to pick it up two days later, 6/15, and was told it had not been cut as of yet....then I was told that there was not enuff carpet left for my order and a roll was back ordered! Went again on 6/20 after receiving a call from the flooring... Read more

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fri the 6/22/12 i drove from mt pleasant,ia to burlington,ia to menards to look for an air conditioner. a guy came to help, and i told him i was going to pay cash and if he could give me a good deal on the 12,000 "HE SAID NO!!!" this upset me. most places will do like a 10% off to 20% off. is this the companys policy? I was disappointed with this store. Hoping the home store can do something. I... Read more

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I try to avoid going to this place as long as I can but some time I made mistakes and visit the place. What a joke. The workers are an army of clone. Consist of brothers and sister. All of them are rude and not able to help. All of them cannot understand customer service. This place has been there for more than ten years and it is the same experience with the same army of incompetent,... Read more

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I want to start off by saying im a marine and im use to sucky work and terrible pay. Now menards may not suck as much as the marine corps, but as far as civilian jobs go, it is sub average. I started off working in the yard. The amount of work i did for the pay i got was terrible. I would work 10-12 hour days out in the elements, and i would make only fifty cents per hour more than the front end... Read more

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Went to Menards with wife and kids, Noticed an old 84 camaro with 2 dogs inside. It was 90 Degrees out. After half an hour went in and asked them to page owner, but they claim its against policy to do so. Apparently they would Rather have Dead Dogs in the Parking Lot Rather than Disrupt some one who may spend a few Bucks...We called the cops and they wouldnt even come...The Guy should have at... Read more

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Worked for Menards for 4 weeks. No breaks or lunch breaks and worked 8 to 12 hours a day. Was told it would get better. Fired for asking a question of why we had to stay over and do other team members jobs. Learned from other managers that the store manager broke his hand by punching a wall and then said he broke it at work from a pallet falling on it. This is a brand new store. Already had over... Read more

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I purchased a wind shirt advertised with a $10 mail-in rebate, to arrive in 6-8 weeks. I got my "check" yesterday and tried to cash it at the bank, and discovered it was only an in-store credit. The bank attendent said i wasn't the first case; she had ahd many attempts before. I've been dooped and I resent it. I this is the MO of Menards, it will eliminate my shopping at Menards,... Read more

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Purchase a Avocado Kamado grill from Menards last August and not I notice that the fire pit in broken into 3 pieces as of now. It is getting very hard to control the hear. I took my receipt to the local Menards in Norfolk, Ne and they they told me that it was no longer in their system and could not get parts or even had a phone number of website to go to. They would give me in store credit. But... Read more

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Menards is such a rip off and a scam. I wonder how much money you have made from customers who haven't sent in the rebate because the sales slip was lost or rebate forgotten about. I have gone to your store thinking that I am saving money by purchasing a product on sale only to find out it says in very small print "after rebate" which means "after rip off". I would rather shop at Home... Read more

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