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I went to the Menards in IONIA, apply for a job that was posted did the app.gave them my resume also.I have worked in the retail business for 4yrs.and all I got in return was we'll contact you.I checked on my app.several times and got the same answer again.In the meantime my put her too(she also in her 50's)and got the same comment.The last time I checked on my app.the HR person told me the position was filled.There was several positions.The reaction I recevied was degrating making me feel that I'm too old.For god... Read more

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On three occasions in the past 8 weeks ny family and I have been aggressively solicited at Menards to listen to a salesman pitch Direct TV. This is very annoying as you barely get in the store before being approached with "Can I ask you a question?" "Have you heard about the Menards-Direct TV arrangement?" One can be polite and say "not interested" but you will be approached again as you shop thru the store. I find this vety unprofessional of Menards and will seriously think twice about returning in the future. I used to really like... Read more

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bought some siding at menards in rice lake went in yard to pick it up, they couldn't find it, when they did find it they just threw it off the second floor the boxes were all ripped up siding was all over ,there is no way i was going to take that siding home , their were three of them ,and all of them thought it was funny. it was like it was a big joke. there is no sence of care for their mechandise somebody needs to do a surprise visit there and buy something and they will see exactly what i mean. Read more

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Bought a Poulan PR621 snow thrower on Tuesday put it togather, started it, let it run for a couple of minutes. stopped it and put in the garage. Next morning gas had leaked over the sealed garage floor. Drained the tank and returned to Mernards 3 days later (Friday). Mernards said they would not take it back as it previously had contained gas. Gee how was I to know it would leak. Seems to me Mernards is doing everything for the one time sale. Of course will tell all my friends and do not expect them to be viable for long in this area Read more

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I went into Menards to grab some duct tape. However, when I arrived, I discovered that this particular is closing as of November 4, 2012. I've been living in the Bellwood/Hillside, IL area for over 18 years and everytime I turn around, something is closing. A hardware store here, a grocery store there and now a very good Menards. Why should a person have to travel through various villages to get to a necessity store? This is so bogus...I think there should be a law against this sort of thing. The least the company should do is replace it with... Read more

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Regarding "What"s comment. Are you on their Payroll? Here's the gig simply put. Retailers either figure it out or they don't. Take care of the consumer or don't. Don't = you just lost a consumer for life. Now most big box retail negotiate with the vendors a % credit for damaged/used goods. Now that can go from 100% to 2% and anywhere in between. That being said, yes their will always be a "scammer" of sorts out there, and that should be handled a bit more firm, this situation was nothing more than ridiculous. That being said, though the... Read more

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Menards East Green Bay store has the worst mangers anyone can hire and Menards Corp consumer department backs them up 100%. I am a real estate investor and spend about $10k a year on building materials and supplies. I had some one go in and talk to an electrical dept person to get 50A wire for a stove. They sold them a 30A wire and when I went to install it the electrician told me it was too small a wire. When I went to return it the manger in charge told me since I had trimmed one end for the install they had to check the lenght of the wire... Read more

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Brought heater - did'nt work - tried to return it and were refused. Threw the heater in a nearby trash barrel -attendant snatched it up and dashed back intfo the store. Menards is not reputable and relies on it's hugh advertising & sucker-bait products to keep it going. Sadly it dominates the market in our area - Eau Claire wi. We now do our shopping with the local lumber yard - at least they are homest. I've noticed that Menard's advertising has overwhelmed the local market thus discouragingh outside competition. Our area has been known for... Read more

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My husband and I drove 40 minutes to our nearest Menards in Canton, Ohio to purchase 2 interior doors for our home. They were the wrong size so a week later we wanted to exchange them for the correct size. The cashier told us to leave our doors at the return desk and come back with the right size doors. We of course had to wait for someone with a forklift to help us get them off of the top shelf so this took a while since there was a line of people waiting for the same thing. Once we got back with our new doors she said that our receipt only... Read more

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Went to Menards and asked about Miltary Discount. was told they stopped it. I think it is incredulous that a Wisc based company that has so many Military Units in its state does not afford a slight discount, it is not like people are asking for 50%. John Menard made billions from Menards enough to sustain a racing team, but the predecessors can't afford a discount for the Military Members that support their freedom and security. Home Depot does, Lowe's does. Menards just lost over $400 in sales, I walked out and left it @ the... Read more

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