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I went in to the Fox Lake, IL Menards on Thursday November 9, 2012. I was in there to purchase all the electrical and sir supply parts to get my compressor working. Which I had just spent $480.00 on, in Menards a week prior. My cousin and I were in the store roughly one hour. Upon leaving I was approached by a "security guard", 20 year old punk kid with an attitude. I was accused of stealing air hose components that were valued at $.99 a piece.... Read more

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this mananger should be fired before xmas .we had a problem w/ our log splitter and he did not have the time or effort to listen to our needs this braydn told me this conversation is over . nice, he needs to be on cart patrol instead of trying to be a manager did nothing to help us or even listen to our problem menards should really look into this guy. the price of this log splitter was over $900.00 a small amount of money to this guy,i will... Read more

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my mother bought the forest king 22 ton log splitter (junk do not buy) after spending 6 hours putting it together some assem. required yeah right . the next weekend we all got together to split her winter wood the log splitter only split two small and i mean small peices of wood it made a clunk and then the splitter would not decend the shaft after that. we called the cust. service # to no avail called menards they said we had a air blockage in... Read more

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Menards at 1380 E. Fort Harrison RD. Terre Haute Indiana 47805. I received my yearly after Black Friday sale flier for a super sale.. There was a couple of items I was interested in. I wanted several of the Zombie Ammo Cans #175-8563. Just like last year I got to the store and the salesperson said that another person arrived a little earlier and purchased all they had over "50" of the Ammo Boxes. Now there is a customer fairness problem that... Read more

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I bought a door from Menards back in Aug.2012, sent in my rebate but never got it,sent them a letter asking why ,got a e-mail said thay were looking into it now here it is Nov.29 2012 and still havent heard from them.I thank there rebates are a ***,just to get you in the store.will go to lowes when i am going to spent over 300.00.Just so everyone knows i also had to wait a month to get the door,but of course had to pay for it first.always... Read more

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I have heard great tales of Menards for years. Finally, they have opened a store in Topeka, KS, which is much closer to our home. We love the store and the customer service. We have been there many times already and will be back many more times. The in-store assistance is GREAT! The response to questions and/or concerns could not be better. We have special ordered items and have had only one itemwhcih did not arrive on or before the stated... Read more

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My wife and I had purchased a 3 piece rug set from Menards. When we got the set home the largest sized rug was rippled from the other 2 rugs being wrapped inside the largest one. We returned it to the customer service department today. We were treated very rudely and were asked where the plastic was that the set came in. They asked us how in the *** we expected them to resell it without the sku numbers? My wife said that wasn't our problem,... Read more

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After 2 purchases of gas powered items ( a lawn mower and a leaf blower)in a span of one year from Menard's that went to "heck" after a short period of use and their no return policy on gas powered items , I will never shop there again. $200 and I have no other recourse after being turned down for warranty work also. How is this my fault when all I did was add gas???????? I may not be a small engine mechanic but I know nothing I did caused... Read more

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On 11-2-2012, we purchased a Professional Series (Model PS72541) chest freezer from Menards. Per the manual instructions, we set the freezer temperature control to its highest setting & filled the freezer with 1/2 side of frozen grass feed beef. After returning home from a 5 day trip, we noticed a foul smell. Blood was leaking from the bottom of the freezer. We removed the thawed, stinking, bloody, spoiled meat & returned the freezer. ... Read more

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On Oct 24,2012 I went to store to purchase some wooden fence at first I was impressed at the price and the service. yesterday nov14 I hd to call store manager. First of all I had made two trips to find out if the rest of the fence had come in then they wanted me to pay for delivery after 2-3 weeks waiting for it to come in. Now the wooden fence that has been delivered to my house is broken there is even one section with one rail on the wrong... Read more

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