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I had ordered a garage door that took over 3-months to install at the cause of Manufacture as well as damage from the supplier (Menards). First paneI had ordered a garage door that took over 3-months to install at the cause of Manufacture as well as damage from the supplier (Menards). First panel was manufactured wrong so waited ~1 month for delivery of a new panel replacement. 2nd panel was damaged (looked like a forklift drove through it. ... Read more

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Bought ton$ of stuff from Menards in the 15+ years of living in Sioux Falls. Owned and rehabbed 4 houses and 2 commercial buildings. Built a complete three car garage with all their stuff. And helped many friends - always used Menards. When remodeling a kitchen, I purchased all new appliances and kitchen cabinets from them. They ordered all of it - prepaid of course. About nine grand. I ran into some family and legal problems in the interim and... Read more

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dissappointed to read about menards illegal dumping activity over the years. What a bunch of losers. Especially the owner the many complaints about products that don't work is really bad. I guess the attitude must be that they can cheat you and then you can't fight their policy's. people need to realize that this kind of business should be boycotted I am pleased that our government agency's have charged and fined these jerks and... Read more

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I submitted all rebate information within the timely filing period. I received a check for 2.77. The correct fee should have been 86.15. I received a letted saying the rebate was voided because of a price adjustment. I spent over 800.00 for a water heater. I cannot believe the amount I received for this appliance. I will never purchase another household item from Menards again regarding any type of rebates. I will also inform everyone I know... Read more

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I was take to the cleaner when Injured working for him [ John Menard ] ya, was a while ago, but was wondering how it would be in Civil Law case on Menards, clinic,Hospital, Work Comp and and misc Attorneys on Illegally Blocking Medical treatment to cause Permanent Injurys, that were yes were proven by Federal court to be ordering "Hand only" ex-rays day of doctor visit for Bilateral wrist injurys and Upper extremity Injurys, how... Read more

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We purchased a brand new whirlpool washer from Menards on March 17,2013. I felt confident, since 10 years ago I also purchased a whirlpool washer from Menards with no problem. We had the washer for 8 days and the washer stopped working. We called Menards to see if we could get a replacement. But to our dismay we were informed we was 1 day late for returns out of the box. I said how would we know if it's working or not if it's not out of the box.... Read more

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Ok facebook, i have a few things to post about, first im going to post about one of my jobs to get it off my chest. 4 days ago I was told my boss was telling people i was on drugs (pot). why, i don't know. I went to the GM and had a discussion with him so i wouldn't lose my job. I said u can drug test me right now. Or anytime for that matter. he said he didn't need to and we had a discussion and i went back to work. The next day my... Read more

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We drove to Bloomington, IN, from our home abt 1 hr away and looked at a Yardsport Utility Vehicle. We decided to purchase the top of the line one. We returned home to get our truck to haul it in, and called to tell store we were on our way up to pay for it. When we got there we were told that it had just been sold and that there were no more of that model to be had. This caused us a lot of wasted time and gas. Since they knew we were on... Read more

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Working at Menards has been by far the WORST experience i've dealt with. First off, the TRAINING SUCKS. You will have to learn your department on your OWN because NO ONE is going to teach you. When customers come up to ask you questions, be ready to say "I don't know." Also, the HEAD CASHIERS are egotistical maniacs. There was one head cashier who even said, "I have a radio attached to me, I am obviously a higher power...don't be... Read more

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We believe our rights have been completely violated by Menards. For over 15 years we have rehabbed properties, built spec homes, and bought everything from building and landscaping materials, cleaning products to snacks at this store. At times spending more time there then at home. My husband has a construction/ remodeling business and has/had an account at Menards for several years. In Nov. 2012 we stopped to get a few things at our local... Read more

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