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I bought something online at Menards and realized when I got it, that I got the wrong size. I contacted them about doing an exchange and they informed me that they would charge a 25% restocking fee, plus I would have to reorder the item and it would not be at the sale price that I got the original. This is crazy! With all the companies out there that sell online, and most of them offer free returns, I will not be shopping at Menards anymore. ... Read more

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Same here. Our rebate was to be approx $160. For a large purchase. Followed procedure, we thought, and no record at rebates international. After 8 weeks I stopped at the Menard's store and asked if they could advise us what to do. Sorry, nothing they could do. Showed them our paperwork their employee gave us at the purchase time including the copy of the original receipt. The original was send with the initial paperwork and received total... Read more

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so I purchase an online order for $138 for some items....20 buckets,20 lids & 1 bucket opener...the whole order was backwards... I received 20 lids...20 openers & 1 bucket...does that even make sense? then I was charged over $50 for was NOT that heavy.I couldve shipped it much farther for WAY less than that...Have not been able to resolve this without spending an additional $75 for 19 buckets & then that shipping is... Read more

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At first it was nice but employees know nothing about promotions or making sure that customers are fully aware if all parameters. I signed up for a menards big card thinking we could get the 6 months interest free, well I did not know you had to spend 299 in order to get that. My total bill was 293.96, not one time while at the store or checking out did any employee tell me about this. So now I have to pay all the interest! This turned me off so... Read more

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I worked at Menards for over a year and it was a great place to work. The problem is that the pay and benefits are terrible and they don't value a college education or previous work experience. I started out as a manager trainee and was told I would get $12.00 and experience pay. So I turned in my Bachelor's degree and over 20 years of management experience. I got an additional .70/hr. They pay full-time team members $11.50. They pay the same... Read more

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Sent my rebate in May 2016. No rebate sent Read more

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I asked a guy to show me epoxy flooring and what it entails. He decided to stop before making it to the aisle with me and helped another customer instead. Completely walked away from me. Lots of better ways to handle this. Read more

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Interesting reading all the problems people have. I myself have had only good experiences at Menards. Over the years I have purchased 2 dishwashers, 2 washers, 2 dryers, 1 12x20 storage shed kit, shingles and countless purchases of various lumber. I live 50 miles from the closest Menards and yes shipping shingles or the storage shed kit can be expensive but still cheaper than renting a U Haul truck. I usually try to time large purchases with... Read more

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spent large amounts ofmoney at menards, got rebate, not allowed to use it for equipment rental payment, completely unfair, They could care less. Will find other retailors to spend my money with Read more

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This past Sunday I purchased a Brute Lawn Mower as a gift for my Mother. Took it home that day and went to start it and oil was spraying everywhere. It is now Wednesday and I have gone to 2 different Menards to return it. Menards return policy prohibits the return of any gas operated equipment that has, or has had gas and oil in it!! How in the *** would I find out if it was a faulty piece of equipment if there wasn't gas or oil in it!?!?!?!... Read more

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