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If you order anything from Menards that has to be made and shipped from a supplier make sure you won't have to cancel for any reason. I ordered 2 vanity tops on a Sunday. They charged me an extra $39.00 to carry them up the stairs along with the delivery fee. My installer cancelled on me so I went back on Tuesday morning (about 36 hours later) to cancel the order. They charged me $500.00 restocking fee for an order that had not even been... Read more

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I ordered John Sterling heavy duty steel closet poles. They arrived in a card board box but not padded or wrapped separately. They banged into each other causing flaws in the finish. These must have been very old stock as the glued on labels had dried in place and can't be removed. I tried to contact their customer service department several times but they don't respond. Over priced shipping added to a processing fee for just taking the order.... Read more

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I picked up this order and tried to install them yesterday. I was quite angry to find that the Burnt Sienna Pendant light was missing parts along with no instruction manual. It had clearly been returned without these items. I am in need of this light by this Wednesday, May 25th. I have a huge party I am hosting with wires hanging from my ceiling. I need another light with a rush delivery. The store could not help me and told me you would... Read more

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I do not understand how a company can continue doing business when most of their clients end up being not happy with the way they are treated after issues dealing with poor quality, lousy customer service and a *** set of rules dealing with their refund policy's. The ***'s at the top of the corporate ladder must scour the country for deals on sub standard products to dump on us and when we complain, they then tell us our time for dealing with... Read more

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Management is REALLY screwed up. They are rude and dont have a clue about treating people with any respect.burt and ernie (Aaron ) can kiss my ***. Loveland menards suck. Add comment

It is nice to get a rebate check but not so nice when you try to use it after driving 25mi. pulling a 3000lb. trailer to haul lumber home and they say they can not take the rebate at this time because of a computer problem. It cost me $25.00 in gas to get nothing. Now I have to drive back there and double my cost for driving. I do a lot of shopping at Menards but that will soon change. Home Depot is the same distance in the other direction. I... Read more

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2nd time my wife though oh I get something from menards first was a special order countertop for our kitchen that arrived warped and in poor condition our latest fiasco is a swing set the employee helping had less of a clue than my wife did pushed the predrilled and cut set guess what cheap Chinese products are often mislabeled nothing was drilled and the cuts well lets just say stevie wonder could have cut just as well the hardware is... Read more

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The man at the guard shack for the yard was extremly rude . Read more

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I couple days ago I was at one of the local menards stores intending to purchase 5 bags of wood mulch for a upcoming yard project this weekend. The gentleman at the hardware desk says "its outside in the garden center there will be someone out there to help you". I proceed to the garden center area and greeted by a elderly female employee watering plants and a younger woman who appeared the outside cashier and was in the later stage of... Read more

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2 days ago, I went to Menards to get supplies for a project I'm starting at my house. And I can't get it out of my head how upset I was by the time I left there. I really do LOVE MENARDS! I go in there and "get lost" looking the stuff. My mind starts going in all directions. It's my favorite store, for a girl that's kinda weird... Anyway, 3.5 hrs later with my cart full $300 worth (28 items), I head to the checkout. Nothing *** me off... Read more

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